Automatic side-sealing machine UNI 20S

The fully automatic side-sealing machine AVN UNI 20S can be linked to the AFFELDT filmwrapping machine AVN UNI 20. After sleeve wrapping, the lateral film surplus of small odd count bundles and single copies is sealed and thus a completely closed bundle is produced. A stack height sensor controls opening and closing of the sealing tools. Strapping of small odd count stacks can be eliminated. • no pneumatics required • control by upstream AVN UNI 20

Technical data

  • matching the upstream wrapping machine


    UNI 20S_005_Gesamtansicht_KA00000
    UNI 20S_150_Auslauf_KA03035
    UNI 20S_100_Seitenschweißung_KA03035
    UNI 20S_105_Seitenschweißung_KA03035

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