Form fill and seal machine AVN E350 SCD

The form fill and seal machine AVN E350 SCD is made for high performance packaging of food and non-food products into tubular bags. The machine is in a complete stainless steel design and the large safety doors are designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. The entire machine is servo driven. The touch panel, the freely programmable control unit and the large capacity storage of diverse programs simplify the operation of the machine.

Technical data

  • Up to 40 - 42 bags / minute
  • Bag width from 135 to 350 mm
  • Single and double draw off


  • Vacuum pull belt system, for the even stripping of the film for particularly floury products
  • CO2- Fumigation
  • Alcohol dosing
  • Remote maintenance
AVN E350 SCD_195_Folienrollenwagen_KA03051_DSC_5624
AVN E350 SCD_230_Drucker Markem X65-128_KA03051_DSC_5522
AVN E350 SCD_350_Bahnkantensteuerung_KA03051_DSC_5651
AVN E350 SCD_510_Querschweißung_KA03051_DSC_5680
AVN E350 SCD_205_Folienpendel_KA03051_DSC_5639

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