Weighing machine AVN 114-CWxxEVA

The main feature of the Weighing Machine AVN 114-CWxxEVA is exact and gentle weighing of sensitive products according to the preset programs with high operating speed. The operator interface via touch panel ensures an easy operation and preset programs enable a short program change over. The products are handled very gently. There are no drop heights and all parts coming into contact with the product are padded.

Technical data

  • Up to 40 drops / minute
  • Up to 3,0 kilos


  • Solid machine design
  • Easy to clean
  • Gentle product handling
  • Accurate weighing results
  • Quick program changes
  • Simple and intuitive operation with 10” touch panel
  • Counting frames
AVN 442_100_Äpfel_Klebeband
AVN 442_205_Äpfel_Tragetasche
AVN 114-CW14EVA_020_Schalen_KA00000

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