You can count on us!

With our modular designed counting and weighing machines you always get the right system for your specific packaging application. Due to its compact construction the equipment can easily and in a cost-efficient way be implemented in an existing line. Furthermore these machines can be coupled to every common packaging machine.

The product range includes:

  • Channel weighing machines
  • Channel counting machines
  • Vision counting system
  • Vision quality inspection

The first impression counts!

Ue first thing a customer sees is the packaging. AFFELDT offers you a variety of different packaging machines which packs your products efficiently in high quality packaging:    

  • Printed tubular bags
  • Bulk tubular bags
  • Wicketed bags
  • Oriented in boxes
  • Bulk in boxes

Our packaging machines are also designed modularly and have compact dimensions so that a fast integration in an existing line can be guaranteed.

Long-lasting experience in planning of packaging lines for industrial bakeries.

You can find our happy customers all over the world. AFFELDT Maschinenbau GmbH offers you the whole product range for your packaging area starting at the freezer or cooler exit and ending at the palletizing. We supply the whole range of packing machines required for these applications.

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